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I’m a UX Designer & Innovation Facilitator

I work with businesses and individuals to discover and articulate new areas of opportunity as well as refine and improve existing user experiences on current products.

With more than 10 years of experience in design, digital media and innovation I understand the challenges and opportunities that companies face when they aspire to innovate. My approach is to work with designers, product leaders and engineering at all stages of the process from initial concept ideation through implementation.


I facilitate co-creation sessions using Gamestorming and the Creative Problem Solving process to generate ideas and form new product concepts.


I work with cross-functional teams to research, capture and articulate design principles, business goals and user needs.

Animated Prototypes

When designing for any screen, animation can help communicate a concept more effectively than static comps.


This classic deliverable can help business, design, engineering and product owners understand and communicate the vision to others.